Shipper (customer) and Loyal Transportation agree to the following:

  1. Customer is the registered legal owner of the vehicle(s) and has authority to enter into this Agreement or has been duly authorized by the legal owner of the vehicles(s) to enter into this Agreement.
  2. Pick up and delivery is from door to door unless residential area restrictions apply.
  3. Customer or his agent, shall be present at the point of pick-up or delivery. If Customer or its authorized agent is not present for any reason, the vehicle will be placed in storage at customer’s expense.
  4. All delivery dates and times are only estimates. Loyal Transportation does not agree to transport the vehicles in time for any particular market or event and will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any delay. We do however, to the best of our ability, transport your vehicles as promptly as possible in accordance with your instructions.
  5. Trucking damage claims, although rare, are the responsibility of the assigned carrier who is required by law to carry a minimum of ¾ of a million dollars public liability. All claims must be noted and signed for at time of delivery and submitted in writing to the assigned carrier within the term of that carrier’s bill of lading. Loyal Transportation will share the carrier insurance policy information upon request, but is not the entity responsible for any damages. The assigned carrier is solely responsible for the condition of your vehicle while it is in his possession.
  6. In no event shall Loyal Transportation , its subcontractors, agents, or employees be liable for any damages except for damages to vehicles actually transported and only to the extent such damages were caused by Loyal Transportation’s gross negligence or intentional conduct.
  7. Customer authorizes Loyal Transportation, its subcontractors, agents, and employees to drive, park, and otherwise operate to transport the vehicles in any manner necessary to fulfill the obligations under this Agreement.
  8. If Customer cancels an order, his deposit will be refunded in full. Loyal Transportation reserves the right to reject any order and will refund the deposit in full.
  9. Personal property must be confined to trunk, with no heavy articles, and total weight not to exceed 100 lbs.. Carrier is not liable for personal items left in vehicle, nor for damage caused to vehicle from excessive or improper loading of personal items.
  10. Loyal Transportation shall not be liable for failure of mechanical or operation part of your vehicle and does not agree to pay for the rental of a vehicle.
  11. International orders: The car must be empty, except for factory installed equipment. Indicate serial number and give car’s approximate value in U.S. dollars. Customer is responsible for the proper customs paperwork.

This supersedes all prior written or oral representation of Loyal Transportation and constitutes the entire agreement between shipper (customer) and Loyal Transportation and may not be changed except in writing signed by an officer of Loyal Transportation.